Some Frequently Asked Questions… and some Answers!

  • How do you match the paint colour?

    All manufacturers print a colour code onto a plate in a vehicle. We input this code into our paint mixing system, which then brings up a formula for us to custom-mix the exact colour on site. This is how body shops have mixed their paints for many years, we just do it on a fully mobile and more convenient basis.

  • Will I be able to tell if my vehicle has been repaired?

    The comment that we hear again and again from our customers is “you would never know it had been damaged”. We don’t claim that we can replicate factory paintwork perfectly, but we do believe that there are not many mobile repairers that can get as close to a professional paint shop finish as we can.

  • Where do you take the car?

    We don’t take it anywhere! We bring the body shop to you!

  • Does the weather affect you?

    Having a bespoke made canopy manufactured specifically for our business, means we can work in the majority of weather situations.

    In the case of extreme weather where we feel there is a risk of injury to our technicians or damage to property due to severe weather conditions, we would have no choice but to reschedule the repair.

  • How long will it be before I can use my vehicle?

    Once the repair is complete the vehicle can be used straight away.

    All that we recommend is that it is left for 48 hours before being washed and that no sealants such as a wax polish are used for 1-2 weeks (depending on climate).

  • Do you offer a guarantee?

    Yes. We cover all our paintwork with a lifetime ownership warranty. In the unlikely event that a problem develops with one of our repairs, we guarantee to send a technician to inspect and rectify it to your full satisfaction.

    Our only exclusions are:

    • Rust rectification work
    • Rectification work to a poor repair by a third party
    • Not adhering to any after care advice given

    (All of these will be explained and listed on the copy of your invoice)

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